Purchase Wisely


Get acquainted with vintage jewelry — Know what you are buying.

Whether you are or are not well acquainted with vintage jewelry I believe you will enjoy reading articles spanning the globe touting the resurgence and popularity of these treasured beauties. If you have an article about the popularity of vintage jewelry, or enlightening articles regarding vintage jewelry please send them to us.
It is very important to me that you know you have made a wise purchase, and that you know you now own an authentic piece of the past—a time of hope and dreams for a future of freedom and prosperity. These lovely jewels were truly cherished by their owners, protected and cared for as if they were real gems and diamonds. Because of the care taken by their original owners we may now enjoy them, allowing them to sparkle and shine as brightly as their first day. The elite of Hollywood and the everyday woman alike wore these magnificent pieces of history—it added a bit of fantasy for the women of those times. Costume jewelry exploded on the scene and you saw it on the cover of every fashion magazine, in every department store and even in the five and dime. From movie stars to farmers wives, they all had costume jewelry. This is why we are able to find so many pieces now, and we have them to thank for taking such good care of it all of these years.
The way to make sure you are getting a true vintage piece is to educate yourself. Yes, unfortunately there are fakes, and poorly repaired originals on the market and for sale on "vintage" websites. Auction sites like eBay are flooded with fakes. You will not find that here. I have my vintage jewelry clearly marked on the menu page, available by Designer or as Unsigned. I feel so strongly about providing the genuine article. I do my best to accurately describe each piece and provide clear photos so that you know what you are buying. I am not an expert by any means but I do my best to educate myself and pass along the things that have helped me get to know the designers and history behind these lovely treasures.
I make every effort to recognize and eliminate repaired pieces in my inventory. Although at times, I run across a piece which is in need of repair and because it is unique and a real find I find it just too hard to pass up! In those cases I have an excellent bench jeweler who is very familiar with antiques and makes any necessary repairs. This is really the only way repairs should be made to these pieces. They are all made of various metals that the modern day jewelry repairperson just doesn't know how to handle or they don't want to. A professional bench jeweler is an artisan and understands the importance of familiarity with each piece and the different designers of those times. For the very scarce repaired item in my designer/images, I clearly identify any repairs made in the description. I am also working on an article that I hope to finish soon which will help you identify fakes and flaws, and how to spot bad repairs. If you have any questions about anything you see in any of the galleries please don't hesitate to ask. I will be glad to answer all questions you might have about the items available.

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