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Krementz | Sterling Brooch in Original Box Parure
. . . . Lovely!


This is such a lovely Sterling Krementz brooch. A delicately feminine example of Krementz. The two rhinestone chains which seem to dangle make this even lovelier. It seems as if it isn't much older than they day it was presented. I have always found it interesting that some designers took just as much pride in packaging as in their jewelry. Where many others…not so much. It is not uncommon to find the Krementz boxes which accompany their original treasures . B. David is another designer of dainty jewelry which is found many times with the original box.

Brooch — Approximately 2 inches.



Krementz Jewelry History —

Krementz Jewelry History—There are few institutions that define excellence throughout their history, surviving global crises, thriving, and changing the landscape in which they create their wares. Krementz is one of those legendary companies that maintained such a standard of ingenuity that they've flourished for more than a century. It was founded by German immigrant George Krementz, the adventurous and ambitious young man who led the charge that forever changed the cufflinks and shirt stud industry.

George immigrated from Germany with his parents when he was 8 or 9 years old. He ventured to New York City as a teenager to follow his hungry ambition and become a jeweler's apprentice. His cousin and soon-to-be co-founder, Julius Lebcheucher, lived across the river in Newark: the thriving New Jersey city was a hub of jewelry manufacturing since the early 1800s and would continue to be for decades. Krementz and Julius worked well together by sticking to their talents. Julius was a talented salesman and George a gifted manufacturer. While their business catered to buttons that would fasten the once-popular detachable collars on shirts, they expanded to include cufflinks and studs.

George wasn't a static-minded man, he always kept an eye out for new trends and designs. For example, Krementz Co. was among the first to notice the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements before the rest of America did. He and Julius began crafting the art of tomorrow for the suit of today. This creative thinking wasn't just limited to staying ahead in adornment: Krementz Co. also led in the use of machines. They replaced hand-soldering methods with a welding technique and developed a new approach to gold overlay.

Krementz and Company would advertise that their gold overlay was 30x thicker than competitors, a claim that turned out to be true. Though jewelry that has an overlay and is made with "cheaper" materials may be considered costume jewelry by some, that wasn't the case in Krementz's heyday: rings, earrings, cufflinks, and tuxedo studs that weren't pure silver or gold were not considered fake or less of an adornment. This held especially true for Krementz: the combination of their ability to flood stores because of their superior production techniques, their impressive designs, and their attention to detail ensured that Krementz and Company were never a low-class item. Krementz and Company were so confident in their products that they offered a lifetime guarantee that extended until they closed. So if you bought an item from 1915 in 1994 and needed it repaired, just get a hold of Krementz for it to be fixed up brand new.

Krementz and Company did much to expand men's jewelry with their widespread and international ad campaigns. They successfully sold the idea that a man's bejeweled accessories were for every occasion; cufflinks and studs, watch bracelets, and collar buttons became more than just evening wear adornments. "Buy Krementz, for every hour is an occasion!" became the battle cry for these antiques.

Krementz is still considered some of the highest quality and is in higher demand now that its 147 years of existence has ended. For men or women, no matter the style or decade, Krementz is a must-have for any collector or lover of style.

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