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Jonne | Turqouise Bead & Topaz Rhinestone Earrings
. . . . Classic!


Such a classic pair of earrings. Reminescent of many other designers of the time like Originals by Robert and Miriam Haskell. The glass turquoise beads are beautiful. Metal leaf accents float above the beads with Amber rhinestone accents. This is obviously an older set so you will notice a bit of verdegris on both earrings. Clip closure. ID-137

Earrings — Approximately 1 ¼" wide.



Jonne Jewelry History —

It is unclear when Jonne's parent company Schrager started producing Jonne jewelry but I am finding references which state 1926 and the company closed in 1962. Schrager made a line of jewelry known as JONNE which has a signature look and is often confused with Miriam Haskell jewelry made by Hess. It features fine beadwork wired onto a base ever so similar to Hess's style, sort of a cross between Miriam Haskell and Stanley Hagler. It is made in the same way Haskell, Eugene, DeMario and Robert made their jewlery and collectors should look out for the same kind of green corosion that plagues the vintage jewelry of those other companies. This company was in business from 1926 until 1962.

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