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Japan | Art Glass & Satin Bead Double Strand Necklace
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A lovely double strand necklace made of art glass and satin plastic beads. Shades of cobalt blue are the dominant colors with a wonderful mix of gold and a rainbow of colors which radiate from the seed bead decorated art beads. The necklace fastens with a j hook closure that is marked Japan. ID-736

Necklace — Approximately 21 1⁄2" in length, including the extender.



Japan Jewelry History —

The fabulous color and shape combinations with their fine artisanship have made these rarities highly collectable and desirable by today's collectors.

After WWII, the labor costs of Japan were much cheaper of that era, so jewelry was less expensive to make by the companies and produced in larger quantities for there were more people working on them. This earned the jewelry some low regard for this period. They served as a competition for other companies. The jewelry is finely crafted by artisans and is a higher quality than first expected. All are done by hand and are hand strung in such an array of one of a kind design and in fact rarely are any two Japan pieces found that are exactly alike.

Many companies' used beads in the manufacturing of their own jewelry that were made in Japan in the 1940s and 1950s.

There were some very talented artists in Japan at that time, and their beautiful products attracted foreign trade. Some examples of their work were moon glow beads, hand painted plastics and semi-precious materials, acrylics with foil and fine aurora borealis coatings.

Even when they are not marked, a trained eye can tell original materials from recently manufactured for they constituted unique to the era techniques in combination with style and colors.

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