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West Germany | Pearl & Rhinestone Cushion Brooch
. . . . True Gem!

W. Germany
A very pretty hand wrapped gilded brass setting. Ruby rhinestones encircle this dome shaped brooch, which round turquoise beads separate. Sitting atop the peak of the dome is a light blue sapphire rhinestone. Meticulously wired, two rows of simulated pearls surround the entire outer edge. This is a very pretty example of German workmanship. The brooch has a pin back with safety catch. It is signed in block letters, "MADE IN GERMANY WEST". ID-310

Brooch — Approximately 1 3⁄4" wide



West Germany Jewelry History —

Post World War II West Germany Jewelry History - 1949 to 1990—The German Empire originated in 1871 and was called Germany until the end of World War II. In 1949, it split into West and East Germany. East and West Germany reunited in October 1990, and became known as Germany again.

Knowing this bit of history makes it is easy to date costume jewelry marked "West Germany", "Made in West Germany", "Made in Germany West", "W Germany", or "German U.S. Zone." If you have a piece of vintage jewelry marked with one of these variations you can date it between 1949 and 1990. Jewelry marked simply "Germany" is either pre-World War II or post 1990.

In post-World War II Germany, costume jewelry rapidly became a big industry, exporting gorgeous costume jewelry, bringing in much needed funds. The German jewelry companies excelled in designing and producing beaded tiered bib style necklaces, which often came with matching clip on cluster earrings, brooches and bracelets.

They also produced lovely glass jewelry, which imitated precious gemstones or quartz. During those early years matching sets of filigree metal were designed and produced by hand. These handmade designs were similar to those of Miriam Haskell, Original by Robert, Stanley Hagler and De Mario.

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