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Emmons | Cabochon Floral Brooch
. . . . Charming!

A lovely brooch which surely conjures up feelings of a Spring day with its vibrant two-toned green cabochons dotting our Springtime floral brooch. Strong, bright colors such as neon colors can have a powerful effect on emotions. Colors like bright green can energize you and make you feel more alert. Make yourself and others smile by standing out on a dull dreary day!

Brooch — Approximately 2 18 inches wide



Emmons Jewelry History —

From roses to jewelry. How was this magic trick performed? Well, that's another story.

Charles H. Stuart and Company sold roses by mail. His firm was headquartered in New York during the 1940s. lrving Wolf, Sr., had become president of Ostby and Barton a prestigious manufacturer of rigs located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mr. Stuart was having Disney souvenir rings made by Ostby and Barton. As the two men were discussing rings the talk turned to the future.

Wolf convinced Stuart that they should go into the jewelry business with a party plan. Their unique concept aimed to eliminate the need for a retail outlet and take the merchandise to the housewife. Wolf worked closely with Stuart in developing the line in 1949.

Stuart selected the name, Emmons, to honor his wife, Caroline Emmons Stuart. He may have also selected it for good luck, because creating the home party plan hosted by male fashion show directors was certainly a lucky business move.

A three-letter logo consisting of a capital E followed by first a lowercase m and then a capital J was the first logo they used, changing to Emmons with an enclosed c copyright mark in 1955. Another change made was the acceptance of women as sales representatives.

Stuart kept a tight control on quality, even though all designing and manufacturing was done by Providence jewelry companies. Good looking and easy on the pocketbook could have been the motto of Emmons as they offered a line of jewelry for the homemaker.

On October 11, 1954 Lillian Baker (a famous jewelry author) was the trainer for the Emmons fashion show directors who were the invited guests of Bob Crosby.

Bob Crosby and his Bobcats were preparing a program of band music that day. Each Emmons representative received a special Bobcat brooch, a copy of the band’s mascot. The brooch was a limited production piece just to celebrate the occasion.

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