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Danecraft | Faux Turquoise Brooch
. . . . Tasteful Design!


The Art Nouveau look of this lovely brooch really lends femininity. The Sterling flourish swirls dance around the beautiful glass turquoise cabochon. The glass cabochon is a well-made imitation of real turquoise—judging by the back of the cabochon it appears to be poured. The cabochon has a low setting with a decorative border and the gold veins that run throughout the stone really enhance its beauty. The brooch is marked Sterling® Danecraft. ID-564

The brooch is approximately 2 1/4" (at widest point)



Danecraft Jewelry History —

In the early 1900s, as Italy was continuing to become the world leader in fashion, the Primavera family worked as jewelry artisans in the beautiful area of Pescara, Italy. In 1918, the family founded Primavera Designs and by 1921 it had become the largest jewelry company in the Abruzzo region.

It was there that the family became well known throughout the region for their ability to design and make jewelry for royalty and wealthy families. Often one of the Primavera jewelry artisans would go directly into the home of a patron to design and reproduce a cherished object of art into jewelry.

This continued in Italy until 1934, when Mr. Victor Primavera, Sr. immigrated to the United States and incorporated his company in Rhode Island; the jewelry capital of the United States. Primavera Designs now had a United States division, known as Danecraft, with a small factory and Mr. Victor Primavera, Sr. heading up the design and model making teams.

His forte in designing product was always timeliness. He often said that it was easy to design a piece to be shown in a museum, but it took research and talent to design product that would be worn by a woman with fashion sense.

Although the candlelight has been replaced by fluorescent light and some of the painstaking handwork has been supplemented by modern machinery, the rich and beautiful handcrafted look of distinction continues.

Since 1934, Danecraft has been privately owned and operated by the Primavera family.

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