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Castlecliff | Triple Strand Art Glass Necklace
. . . . A Treasure!


BERGERE-Brown-Leather-4-oval-link-bracelet BERGERE-Brown-Leather-4-oval-link-bracelet BERGERE-Brown-Leather-4-oval-link-bracelet
BERGERE-Brown-Leather-4-oval-link-bracelet BERGERE-Brown-Leather-4-oval-link-bracelet
The quality of this necklace is ever apparent. This lovely necklace encompasses three gorgeous strands of rich polished pebble grey and peach color stones with gray pearls sprinkled throughout. Judging by the weight they most likely are natural, glass or possibly ceramic stones made by Castlecliff. No doubt a quality piece! The polished pebble stones have a swirled color which orbits each stone — the gray with a lighter color gray and the peach with a light gray. Each stone or pearl are separated by a small spacer. All strands are held by an oval gold tone slide and lock clasp. This is a very heavy piece and no doubt one of quality. I know it is uncommon simply by the fact that I can't find another one. I will point out that some of the pearls have loss of finish; I have adjusted the price accordingly. This is a very uniqe and beautiful necklace, sure to please a collector. ID-730

The necklaces' shortest strand is 15 inches in length with the third strand (the longest) being 17 inches long. If your neck measures over 15 inches this will not work for you.



Castlecliff Jewelry History —

Founded by Clifford Furst in 1945, Castlecliff, Inc., was founded by Clifford Furst in New York City around 1945. Operating from their Fifth Avenue, headquarters, Castlecliff acquired a reputation for manufacturing quality costume jewelry. The firm aggressively marketed its jewelry with advertisements in all of the major fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, presenting its products as the "talked about jewelry." Although marketed through fine department stores such as Bloomingdale, Castlecliff jewelry was not very expensive.

Castlecliff jewelry reflects the strong influence of that exciting period in costume jewelry's history. Castlecliff created bold but intricate jewelry made from good quality materials. Its designs show imaginative use of stones, and styles range from Art Deco to Gothic and Native American. Their chief designer was William Markle, whose architectural background resulted in highly stylized designs. Castlecliff's quality and designs made it particularly attractive to collectors and all those who appreciate beauty and precision in fine costume jewelry. Large signed pieces that have stood the test of time are the most sought after. The company ceased operations in the 1960's.

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