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Benedikt N.Y. | Turquoise Cabochon Belly Brooch
. . . . Fanciful!


A pretty little bird in flight figural brooch showing off its turqoise cabochon belly and red rhinestone collar and tail feathers. This is very sweet! It is made of a gold-tone metal. It is very light weight. The little bird is in good condition with slight rubbing of the gold finish. It has a row of ruby red rhinestones around the neck and tail feathers. I will point out that there is a very small dark swirl spot that looks like it is on the surface of the blue stone, but it is actually in the stone. This lovely brooch bears the designers cartouche on the back just below the red rhinestone collar. ID-311

The brooc is approximately 1 5⁄8" (beak to tail) and approximately 1 1⁄8 (at widest point)



Benedikt Jewelry History —

Howard Benedikt is the man behind the name. It seems very few know very little about this designer other than his business was in New York and that he sold costume jewelry from his own New York City shop from 1955 to 1973. I have a rather large library on vintage jewelry and I can't even find a mention of him. The few pieces that have come through my shop were all well made and nice quality. I can certainly understand keeping a low profile in this business during its heyday. After reading about the stealing of designs and such I can imagine you would be very guarded. It seems that one of the designs he was best known for was the Maltese Cross brooch. There are many different versions—some more or less ornate, but all beautiful. His work is marked with the "BENEDIKT N.Y. ©" cartouche.
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