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B. David | Pastel Leaf Design Demi Parure
. . . . Very Sweet!


b.david-blue-green-leaf-and-earrings b.david-blue-green-leaf-and-earrings b.david-blue-green-leaf-and-earrings
b.david-blue-green-leaf-and-earrings b.david-blue-green-leaf-and-earrings
B. David
If you feel that the over the top glamour pieces are not for you then you might consider looking at vintage jewelry by designer B.David. I personally love the dainty and very femimine jewelry which bears this designers name. This demi parure is no exception. This lovely set is in a pastel blue and green with a gold aurora borealis finish which makes the entire set glow—prong set rhinestones—a silver tone metal setting—all pieces bear the B.David signature—the earrings also have the etched trademark scroll design indicative of the designer B.David. You will see a good number of leaf designs by B.David, it was certainly one of their most repeated themes. This quality designer certainly produced lovely designs and you won't get more for your money when buying B.David.  ID-BD747

The leaf brooch is approximately 1.25 x 1.50 inches and the earrings are a very dainty .60 x .60 inches. One other very nice feature about this set is that it comes with its original signature pink velvet lined box. The box itself is in very good condtion and all pieces in this set look new—I am not sure it has ever been worn.



B. David Jewelry History —

B. David jewelry company began producing costume jewelry in 1945 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They also made gold and silver jewelry. The B. David Jewelry Company produced jewelry until 1993. Debra Moreland of Paris, France and now of Cincinnati, Ohio purchased only the manufacturing facilities in 1993. Afterwards Moreland marked her jewelry simply "Paris."

The vintage jewelry we know as B. David Jewelry also was set apart from the crowd by its style. B. David vintage jewelry pieces tend to be small (in scale) as opposed to some of the larger and flashier vintage jewelry makers' pieces. B. David jewelry can be described as delicate, and is usually enhanced by rhinestones in elegant and somewhat traditional designs. It is usually of above average material and quality. Often demonstrating eye-catching combinations of different-sized rhinestones, such as round and teardrop shapes in the same piece. Typical B. David pieces also exhibit attractive pastel colors.

Perhaps the most highly sought B. David pieces are the many crown motif pins made by the company, which were very popular and are still very desirable today. In particular, B. David made a Mother's Crown, individualized crowns that displayed the birthstones of the wearer's children.

Easily identifiable signatures can be found on the back of B. David vintage jewelry pieces. Most B. David pieces that I have personally purchased have had a signature. Those signatures may be "B.David" in an oval, "bd" printed diagonally or "b.David" in a divided square. Earrings may have an etched swirling or paisley design in place of a signature or mark on the clip back — in some cases you may see the earring backs with both the swirling paisley design and the signature.

It is always a bonus when you find that the jewelry is accompanied by the original case and you will find many B. David delicate sets available with the original shiny lavender box and pink velvet trim.

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