Our Vintage Journey

I believe the most glamorous era of all time to be the 1950's. I suppose this is why I am so crazy about the vintage jewelry from that period. The 50's style played on sexuality, sensuality and innocence all at the same time. A decade that was entirely devoted to the promotion of sophistication and elegance—think Paris 1950's glamour. Vintage has become a style for self-assured women who wear clothes and accessories that make them feel good; style that suits them rather than the latest high street trends. Vintage jewelry sets an elegant mood and has drama and personality. Wear your prized vintage jewelry at any time and it will always solicit a response from those who admire such beautiful objects.

Because of my love for that period, you will see so much of the jewelry from this time, although I do have pieces from the 40's, 60'S and antique pieces as well. I feel the 40's to be a close second to the most glamorous era, and the designs of the 60's reflected new times, new materials and distinctive designs.

Let us take you through a nostalgic journey of glamour and grown up sophistication.

I closed my exclusive vintage shop and will now be offering the best in designer signed costume jewelry and many other vintage goods in our online store. You will have the unique occasion of viewing the best of the best online, but still enjoying that boutique experience. All items are gift ready, for someone special or just to treat yourself! These are precious treasures that have been cared for and cherished for many years. With your good care they will last for many more. Shouldn't they continue to be treated as prized possessions after all?

I have over 800 items to add to the website. This is a huge undertaking, so please check back often to see what has been added. If you are looking for something special please let me know, we may have it in our inventory and if not we do our best to find those rare one of a kind items.

I will be happy to answer any questions you might have so please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to get back in touch with you the same day.

Enjoy your stroll back in time!


Exquisite Vintage Jewels